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I make small batches of ceramics, throwing each piece to its own form. When I am throwing I don't always have a specific form in mind and I enjoy the freedom and creativity this gives me. My hand built bottles are a break from symmetry, with curves and lines that have their own careful movement.

I am working on three ranges at the moment and they all have their own individual voices, each of these are linked to the sea. Wave, Storm and Marram. 

Living by the sea is like living with a moving changing energy that is alive. The peace and stillness but also the wild energy amazes me and influences my work. 
My work is for sale in Arran Art Gallery and if you follow this link to my page you can view my current work and make a purchase

Please contact me at and follow me @batabanstudio 

Thank you for visiting my website, it's been an incredible start to this new adventure x e 

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