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Working from a small studio in Whiting Bay and a shared space in Cladach,  I am on a new ceramic journey. Inspired by the simple integrity and strength of nature and the enormity of the Scottish landscape and coast. 

My name is Esther Brown and I am Glasgow girl, I moved to the Isle of Arran with my family and two dogs in 2006. With a background in media and the environmental movement, I have been involved in the vibrant community of arts on Arran for a while. Working in stoneware I hand build and wheel throw.

Being beside the sea is liberating and feeling the distance the island gives from that crazy rat race, fills me with peace. In my wee studio, listening to tunes, being creative, stumbling across ideas, discovering solutions, feels completely fulfilling.

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was the name of my Grandpa's boat, his family were from Arran. It means 'white boat' in gaelic.

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